About us

T-MACHINE Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1986.Dedicated to manufacturing automotive environmental testing equipments. After more than 30 years of hard work, our customers are in the automotive industry, electronics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, chemical engineering, and reliability labs... Including FMVSS 108 for CAPA, AMECA Laboratory (US Regulations), E-MARK Laboratory (Europe Regulations) etc. Which are certified by the laboratory.

Company History

  • Military regulations Solar Simulator Complex High-Altitude Chamber were officially produced and used by NCSIST.
  • Military regulations Dust Test Chamber is officially produced.
  • Solar Module Ammonia Test Chamber and used by Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C.
  • Formally produced according to IEC standard X9, nozzle discharge pressure can be measured.
  • Started sports tire pressure detector production. 250 kilometers per hour and 10 seconds in speed.
  • Implementation of the "Simulation of Long-arc Xenon Lamps and Drive Circuit System Integration Technology Development for Sunlight" under the "Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR)" of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the year 101 (Project I21010670).
  • Kunshan new factory established, adopt synchronous management to improve service quality and efficiency.
  • Acquired CE certification.
  • Acquired ISO9001 quality certification.
  • Started Car Lamp Condensation Tester production.
  • Started PV module UV test Chamber, Light Soaking Chamber and Programmable Temperature Ramp Chamber production, which are used by ITRI、Applied Materials Xi’an、SUNPOWER、Photovoltaics Technology Center、Institute of Nuclear Energy Research.
  • Automotive tank and radiator test module development completed.
  • European standard waterproof and high-pressure jet water development is completed and used by world-renowned BOSCH vehicles.
  • Low Temperature Low Pressure Chamber officially mass production.
  • Started Headlight Low-humidity Airflow Tester production.
  • Started IEC Solar Radiation Simulated Tester production.
  • 2. Acquired E-MARK certification.
  • Assist Cheng Shiu University to obtain IEC 60529 TAF dust and waterproof lab certification.
  • Kunshan branch established.
  • Touch controllers complete the design.
  • 2. Malaysia branch established.
  • Started Thermal Shock Tester production.
  • Started IEC IP CODE(for water test chamber)..
  • Started Combined Cyclic Tester production.
  • Started Xenon Weather Meter production.
  • Officially changed name to T-MACHINE Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Started Mud Water Tester production.
  • Started Headlight Impact Tester production.
  • Obtained orders from TYC Brother Industrial Co, Ltd.
  • Started Headlight Abrasion Tester production.
  • Assist Air Asia to obtain Boeing certification using Salt Spray Tester.
  • 2. Assist Ta Yih Industrial Co., Ltd., to obtain FORD Q1 certification.
  • Started weather and light-resistant equipment production.
  • Started Far Infrared Drying Tester production.
  • Started Programmable and Humidity Test Chamber production.
  • Started research and development of dustproof and waterproof performance testing equipment, and in the same year, we successfully obtained orders from Ta Yih Industrial Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of car lights in Taiwan.
  • Established T-MACHINE Motor Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of salt spray tester, with an annual output of about 120 units.