TMJ-9710C Water Test Chamber(IEC, ISO)

  • Product manual
​The machine is produced according to IEC 60529 IP code protection class. It can be produced from IP X 1 ~ IP X 9K combination or according to customer's product feature level. The scope of testing includes everything from electronic motors, defense industries, vehicle industries, outdoor lighting...etc.
  • Feature
  1. IPX1、IP X2 use negative pressure suction device to ensure that the operator will not be dripping.
  2. IPX3、IPX4 The swing speeds can be adjusted. After the test, the compressed air is used to automatically clean the water stains.
  3. IPX5、IPX6 nozzle, water column does not spread, with angle adjustment device.
  4. IPX7、IPX8 with manual lift basket.
  5. IPX9K stainless steel direct-coupled pump, jet heating device.
Test Applicable(Optional) IP X1~X9, X4K, X6K, X9K
Internal(WxDxH)mm 1300 x 1200 x 1860
External (WxDxH)mm 1800 x 1400 x 2400
Dripping Water (Vertical) X1 Water Flow:1+0.5 mm/min
Dripping Water(15°Tilt) X2 Water Flow:3+0.5 mm/min
Spraying Water X3 Water Flow:0~0.07 L/min      Spray Angel:60°
Splashing Water X4 Water Flow:0~0.07 L/min      Spray Angel:180°
Splashing Water X4K Water Flow:0.6 L /min      Pressure:400 kPa
Water Jets X5 Water Flow:12.5±1 L/min
Powerful Water Jets X6 Water Flow:100±5 L/min
Powerful Water Jets X6K Water Flow:75±5 L/min      Pressure:1000 kPa
Immersion X7 Round Type made by PVC、Thickness 20mm、Inside Diameter: 585mm、Height: 1500mm
Immersion X8
High Temp. Water Jets (IEC) X9 Water Temp.:30~90℃(Adjustable)      Nozzle Distance:150~200 mm
High Temp. Water Jets (ISO) X9K Water Temp.:30~90℃(Adjustable)      Nozzle Distance:100~150 mm
Oscillating Tube Radius (IPX3, IPX4) 200~1000 mm
Platform Rotating Speed 0~17 RPM (Adjustable)
Power 220/380 V 3Φ