TMJ-9709 Thermal Shock Tester

  • Product manual
​Thermal Shock Tester (TST) is specially designed for today highly demanding environmental testing conditions where sample are tested through a series of high temperature to a very low temperature within second or minutes. Product can be tested in a very short period, saving our testing time. With this TST system, chemically and physically changed or damaged on the tested product can be easily obtained after going through expansion ( in high temperature) and constriction ( in low temperature ).
  • Feature
  1. Fire proof PU insulator and high density fiber glass insulator.
  2. Imported high efficiency compressor.
  3. Cascade refrigeration system.
  4. Use R404, R23 safe refrigerant.
  5. Fan ventilation system improves temperature uniformity.
  6. PID + SSR micro-computer temperature controller, auto calculation to achieve high accuracy.
TMJ-9709A TMJ-9709B TMJ-9709C
Type 3 Zone (high Temp area, Low Temp area, Test Area)
Internal(WxDxH)mm 500 x 400 x 400 600 x 500 x 500 700 x 600 x 600
External(WxDxH)mm 1700 x 1258 x 2070 1870 x 1400 x 2210 1820 x 2000 x 2140
Preheat Temp. Range 60℃~180℃ / 60℃~200℃
Precooling Temp. Range –10℃~–55℃ /–10℃~–80℃
Test Temp. Range –40℃~150℃ /–60℃~180℃
Preheat / Precooling Time high Temp area:RT~180℃≦60min
Low Temp area:RT~–55℃≦60min / RT~–80℃≦100min
Test Area Recover Time –40℃~150℃≦5 min
–30℃~80℃ ≦1 min
Cooling System Cascade Refrigeration System
Power 220V/380V     3Φ