TMJ-9714 Low Temperature & Pressure Chamber

  • Product manual
​In addition to military use, low-pressure chamber are often used to test cars in high-altitude environment conditions and to test computers, electronic components, and packaging that may require air transportation. Such tests usually require analogy of a variety of environmental conditions, and low-pressure test chambers can integrate these environmental conditions and simulate changes in their gas pressure and temperature. Most of the low-pressure test chambers use vacuum pumping to pump the gas in the chamber. Our machine can control the pressure and temperature with equal slope, which is more in line with the real situation. The standard typically requires 30,000 feet (10 km), and our machine has manufactured a 100,000-foot (30-km) low-pressure chamber.
  • Features
  1. High-sensitivity pressure transmitter (positive and negative pressure).
  2. Frequency conversion semi-servo vacuum pump control.
  3. The special staggered tight seal design.
  4. With 10 sets of test line: military-grade sealed joints.
  5. Hermetically-sealed motor with multi-vanes and stainless axle.
Internal(WxDxH)mm 500 x 500 x 500
External (WxDxH)mm  
Temp. Range –40℃~100℃
Altitude Range Atmospheric Pressure ~100000 ft
Pressure Range 1030 mbar~27 mbar
Air Pressure Change 50~80 mbar/minFrom 1 atm to constant pressure)
50~80 mbar/min (From constant pressure to 1 atm)
Heating/Cooling Speed Heating:–40~20℃≦60min
Temp./Pressure Stability Temp.:±2℃(When the temp. reaches the set value)
Pressure:≦5%(When the pressure reaches the set value)
Temp. Uniformity ±2.0℃
Power 380 V 3Φ