TMJ-9769 Light Soaking Chamber

  • Product manual
Using an artificial light source in conjunction with the filters, the system light source was adjusted to conform to the IEC61646 requirements for the solar simulator by simulating natural solar radiation. The above system light source was used for the IEC61646 test of the solar cell module.
  • 產品特點
  1. Using SUS#304 stainless steel plate, and provide heat insulation.
  2. The system includes light source cooling system and module cooling system.
  3. Each light box has a set of mechanical temperature over-temperature protection, if the temperature is abnormal, it will automatically cut off the light source power to ensure safety.
  4. The system has a monitoring program that records the irradiance and temperature on the back of the module.
  5. Air-cooled metal complex lamp (HID) to ensure uniformity.
  6. 2000W metal halogen lamp.
  7. Equipped with time accumulator, range 0~9999H, with power failure memory function.
Test Applicable IEC60904-9
Internal (WxDxH)mm 2200 x 1200 x 2500
Light Source 2000W Metal Halide Lamp
Irradiation Area (Module Size) 2000 x 1000 (WxD)mm
Illumination Temperature 50±10℃
Module Back Temperature Can be controlled between 50±10°C
Temp. Stability ±1℃
Temp. Uniformity ≦2℃
Power 380 V 3&Phi