TMJ-9721 Humidity Test Chamber

  • Product manual
​The humidity test chamber is used to test the anti-corrosion properties of metal antirust oils, galvanized steel plates, painted steel plates, building materials or simulated sea transport under saturated humidity and condensation under test articles.
  • Features
  1. Chamber material: PVC board.
  2. Rotary DUT holders and fixtures are made of SUS#304 stainless steel.
  3. Special DUT hooks, the dew will not drop each other.
  4. Annular gas jet, saturated moisture manufacturing.
  5. Heater 500W 2 set , SSR triggered.
  6. Temperature controller P.I.D. Automatic calculation, digital display.
  7. Saturated air volume is adjustable.
Internal (WxDxH)mm 710 x 710 x 710
External (WxDxH)mm 860 x 860 x 1380
Test Temperature 50±1℃
Test Humidity 98±1%RH
Air Flow 0.8 m3/hr
Test Specimens 36 pcs
Power 220 V 1Φ