TMJ-9712D Composite Environment Test Chamber

  • Product manual
Simulate changes in temperature, humidity, and vibration in three physical environments which affect the DUT by cracking, deformation, or the electrical failure of appliance.etc Three conditions can more effectively detect the defects of the DUT.
  • Features
  1. Imported high strength PU foam insulation, thickness 100mm.
  2. Double over-temperature protection.
  3. SWEP heat exchange system design.
  4. Stainless steel single axis fan motor.
  5. Temperature control: P.I.D + P.W.M + S.S.R.
  6. European original high-performance refrigeration compressor.
Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Temp. Range -50℃~150℃
Temp. Change Rate ≧1℃/min(Overall average)
Hum. Range 20%~98%RH
Electronic High-Frequency Vibration Machine
Frequency Range D.C.~ 4,000 Hz
Sine Force Peak 2,000 kgF
Impact Momentary Thrust 4,000 kgF
Sine Peak Acc 57 g
Max Disp 51 mm
Power 380 V 3Φ