TMJ-9707 Xenon–Arc Weather Chamber

  • Product manual
​The Xenon–Arc Weather Chamber is designed to test a wide range of materials in the fields of coating industries, automobile industries, construction industries, communications, textile industries, aviation, rubber and plastic industries and etc. in an accelerated test to find out the impact of sunbeam ray or wavelength equivalent to Sunlight for the lightproof and discoloration of materials. The Xenon–Arc Weather Chamber can be used in laboratory and factory environments.
  • Feature
  1. Specimen Rack: Diameter 680±6mm SUS#304 stainless steel rotation frame
  2. Water cooling Xenon-Arc 6500W.
  3. Irradiation area: 6500 cm2。
  4. Fix run, programming run, exposure periods, dark periods, humidity, water spray, temperature, total tested time and total exposure energies.
  5. Programmable ouch screen interface controller with PLC, can be setting various test parameters and display.
  6. Historical trend chart monitoring: temperature, humidity, voltage, current and irradiation.
Internal(WxDxH)mm 800 x 800 x 900
External(WxDxH)mm 1360 x 1320x 1920
Heat Exchange Water-cooling
Light Source 6500W Lamp
Wavelength Range 300-800nm 
Irradiation Intensity @340nm:0.55 ± 0.05 W/m2
@420nm:2.08 ± 0.20 W/m2
300nm~400 nm:60 ± 6 W/m2
300nm~800 nm:577 ± 55 W/m2
Chamber Temp. Range RT+10℃~95℃
Black Panel Temp.(B.P.T.) 89℃
Hum. Range 20%RH~98%RH
Rotating Speed 1RPM
Power 220V/380V 1Φ