TMJ-9711 Heat Aging Tester

  • Product manual
​The machine is specially designed for testing the thermal aging properties of rubber, plastics and various insulating materials. The machine is equipped with temperature adjustment accuracy, temperature distribution uniformity, temperature recovery rate after opening the door, wind speed and air exchange rate in the test tank, insulation seal, air exchange rate adjustment system.
  • Feature
  1. Temperature controller adopts P.I.D. automatic calculation. SCR current automatic adjustment control.
  2. Automatically adjustable cone type air volume regulator (The power consumption at fixed temperature is calculated in watt hours and digital TIMER to calculate the air exchange volume of the chamber.
  3. Japan ceramic fiber insulation.
  4. Coefficient 9-point test, six-point temperature recorder ventilation rate calculation formula:  N=S(X*Y)/V*D*ΔT
  5. Stainless Steel Fan Blade.
  6. Multiple safety protection circuit system with fault warning.
TMJ-9711A TMJ-9711B TMJ-9711E
Test Method Ventilation Type Steam Type
Internal (WxDxH)mm 450 x 450 x 450 600 x 600 x 600 100 x 60 x 350
Internal (WxDxH)mm 1260 x 700 x 1270 1400 x 830 x 1520  860 x 560 x 440
Temp. Range RT+10℃~ 200℃ RT+10℃~ 93℃
Air Change 1~10 per hr or 10~200 per hr
Rotary Speed 10 RPM
Test Accessories Dynamic Test Turntable 1 set
Test Grid Plate 2 set
Test Plate 4 set
Optional Purchase Temperature Recorder
Power 220 V 1Φ