TMJ-9723 Dust Test Chamber(for JIS, IEC)

  • Product manual
​Dust Tester is designed to test a wide range of materials including: films, textiles, leather, printing, paints, ink, automotive parts, aviation industries, cell phone, electronic parts and components and etc. in testing the materials dustproof capability and functionalities. The main test includes float dust (F) and current dust (C) test. The test is aimed at finding out dustproof and dust resistance functions as well as the safety of those parts.
  • Features
  1. The vibration system is used to distribute the dust density each time evenly.
  2. Chamber door use negative pressure suction type airtight silicone rubber foam and the dust will not leak.
  3. Dust dehumidification: Automatic dehumidification can avoid dust agglomeration and easy to clean up.
  4. Dusts filter one set.
  5. Frequency dust circulation system.
Product manual
TMJ-9723F (Float Dust) TMJ-9723C (Float Dust)
Test Applicable CNS 7139, JIS D0207 IEC 60529, JIS D0207
Test Conditions F1 F2 F3 IP 5X IP 6X
Internal (WxDxH)mm 900 x 900 x 900
External(WxDxH)mm 1450 x 1250 x 1960
Temp. Range 20℃± 15℃
Dust Concentration 60000 mg/m3; 3000 mg/m3 100 mg/m3 5000 mg m3 100 mg/m3
Max Air Flow 1~10 m/s(Adjustable)
Power 220 V 1Φ